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Why not get us JNS Technical for a free health check?

We can audit your system, identify any security risks and system bottlenecks. We can even suggest ways of addressing those issues all completely free of charge.

Our check up is totally impartial. We’ll give you an honest outlook of what we see. If theres any quick fixes that can be done, we’ll be sure to get them done, just to prove how capable we are.

We believe we can prove a point immediately and give you an insight into the value working together with JNS Technical can bring to your business.

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Five ways to protect yourself against ransomware

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Five cost effective ways to prevent your business being the next victim of Cyber Extortion.

  1. Updates – Now more than ever cyber criminals have access to vast resources of system vulnerabilities and exploits which enable them to break into systems which haven’t patched over these system flaws. Therefore one of the most effective ways of prevents being infected in the first place is to ensure your systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  2. Anti-Malware – Anti-Malware software has been around for years, sometimes with mixed business convenience and successful detections, however, some of the latest products have none of the old problems, but all of the benefits. Some are even free for business usage.
  3. End User Training – Sometimes going back to basics is going to have a real pos...
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New Partnership

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JNS Technical now partnered with novatech to ensure the very best quality and value. Jamie has worked with novatech for a number of years now, and has always found their hardware to be of excellent build quality. Also they’re a locally established business with friendly staff. We don’t profit from our hardware procurement, so you’ll always be getting a great deal.

Whether you’d like a laptop, desktop, server, NAS or SAN give JNS Technical a ring, we’ll even help you get it setup and integrated to your network!



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